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PostSubject: laurensvanovost   laurensvanovost I_icon_minitimeJuly 25th 2009, 12:51 am

lrpvanovost came in and was kicked by AON for ban. A minute or two later laurensvanovost joined. ACI has them on the same page. Can someone look at this guy?
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PostSubject: Re: laurensvanovost   laurensvanovost I_icon_minitimeJuly 25th 2009, 8:01 am

Good catch...positive link. (Was too stupid to change the name more at least?) lmao
Will add the other account to our banlist.

Background Search for : 2c4818642024739eb8f0e9afebcb7303

2 IP's checked for accounts
Quote :

2 GUID's checked for bans and kicks
Quote :


2 Player Names found in history
Quote :


1 Accounts found banned in players history
Quote :

b95610c0010bf06750911730326cec23lrpvanovostlaurensvanovost Aon16

2 Kicks found in players history
Quote :
05.21.2009 08:36:51 b95610c0010bf06750911730326cec23#139041:
05.21.2009 08:36:51 b95610c0010bf06750911730326cec23#139041:

Login History - 20 Logins from IP's used by a banned account.
Quote :

PlayerIPDate/TimeGUIDServerIP 07.24.2009 20:29:532c4818642024739eb8f0e9afebcb73038.6.8.125:1716 07.24.2009 20:27:08b95610c0010bf06750911730326cec238.6.8.125:1716<-- Banned
Player IP Changed 06.02.2009 06:34:182c4818642024739eb8f0e9afebcb73038.6.74.35:1716 06.02.2009 06:32:272c4818642024739eb8f0e9afebcb730368.232.162.182: 05.31.2009 12:53:342c4818642024739eb8f0e9afebcb730368.232.162.182: 05.31.2009 00:50:192c4818642024739eb8f0e9afebcb730368.232.162.182: 05.30.2009 02:06:282c4818642024739eb8f0e9afebcb730368.232.162.182: 05.29.2009 12:32:152c4818642024739eb8f0e9afebcb730368.232.162.182: 05.25.2009 10:16:13b95610c0010bf06750911730326cec23208.167.248.227<-- Banned 05.25.2009 08:00:08b95610c0010bf06750911730326cec2368.232.162.182:<-- Banned 05.23.2009 05:29:46b95610c0010bf06750911730326cec2368.232.162.182:<-- Banned 05.23.2009 05:20:26b95610c0010bf06750911730326cec238.6.74.35:1716<-- Banned 05.21.2009 03:16:10b95610c0010bf06750911730326cec23203.123.67.170:<-- Banned 05.18.2009 11:21:40b95610c0010bf06750911730326cec2385.214.47.41:17<-- Banned 05.18.2009 11:21:40b95610c0010bf06750911730326cec2385.214.47.41:17<-- Banned 05.18.2009 11:20:47b95610c0010bf06750911730326cec2374.63.54.191:17<-- Banned 05.16.2009 03:32:47b95610c0010bf06750911730326cec2374.63.54.191:17<-- Banned 05.07.2009 12:05:40b95610c0010bf06750911730326cec2312.180.48.110:1<-- Banned 05.07.2009 12:05:40b95610c0010bf06750911730326cec2312.180.48.110:1<-- Banned 05.07.2009 08:05:51b95610c0010bf06750911730326cec238.6.74.77:1716<-- Banned

Quote :

The above Player Background report generated by Airdale Ops Network, All Rights Reserved
You can run but you can't hide.
All information from this BackGround Report is Property of the Airdale Ops Network, any Public Posting of this information requires that this Copyright follows the report.

Quote :

Disclaimer: Results from this Background check are done via IP address, all results should be confirmed with AON if suspicious information is found
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