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Number of posts : 2087

PostSubject: -[A]-Cbking   June 13th 2009, 5:35 pm

-[A]-Cbking needs a permanent ban. He is a recurring TK'er. Ive even read about this asshole on other clan websites. Funny thing is that he is WildBillColts buddy that was denied when he applied to the clan for...you guessed it...intentional TK'ing.

Cerelac just kicked him for 3 days for TK'ing almost the entire team. I cant get on the server, so the next admin that reads this and joins the server, please ban this idiot for the next 30 years or so...

Be on the lookout for his buddy B-Dawg. I imagine we will be seeing him and/or WildBillColt sooner rather than later...
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Player Admin

Location : USA,CA
Age : 46
Number of posts : 192

PostSubject: Re: -[A]-Cbking   June 13th 2009, 5:41 pm

Rgr M8..I was there and he was doing that everytime he joing..Cerelac was able to get him at the end..
his -A- buddies are all tkers..
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Senior Admin

Location : Hamilton, New Zealand
Age : 56
Number of posts : 656

PostSubject: Re: -[A]-Cbking   June 13th 2009, 5:49 pm

OK If I see them - I'll permanently ban them that's for sure.
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Location : U.K./Wales/Cardiff
Age : 24
Number of posts : 173

PostSubject: Re: -[A]-Cbking   June 13th 2009, 8:37 pm

I just banned cbking for 99999999h

very useful hint:
they dont need to be online for u to ban them
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Location : Portugal
Age : 26
Number of posts : 296

PostSubject: Re: -[A]-Cbking   June 14th 2009, 9:28 am

RGR that m8 Wink

This guy intentional tked almost his whole team! Thn I tked him and banned him for 3 days just by his name, not pbguid, ip ot mac.

Not his first time so if he is constantly doing this I think he needs a perm. ban =S (no more options lol)

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PostSubject: Re: -[A]-Cbking   

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